Since the beginning of my first Internet publication – the INST homepage in the year 1996 – statistics were made available by the providers. These were over the years once, then occasionally or systematically evaluated.
For the first time 3.16 million queries were recorded in March 2015. There came a slump after the new Google algorithm. In May 2016, the queries were over 4 million (see statistics below) alone on the servers by Hoststar. The inquiries in China, where TRANS is presented by CNKI come separately. Peak values up to 16,530.310 queries are together in a month for the pages published by me.
The collaborations that have arisen over the decades are more important even than these data. About 10,000 scientists, artists, etc. are on the projects of Jura Soyfer Society (founded in 1988), INST (founded in 1994) | TRANS (founded in 1997) and the Polylogue Center (founded in 2014) involved.
In the course of the year 2017 and the years ahead data, analyses and presentations will be published on this page, make this type of the public to be understood, which only partially has to do with the traditional media. It is not that social structure, effectively allowing power since the 18th century in Austria but also: the Administration / bureaucracy. Rather this was an open, interactive platform, which is connected with many publics, but still has its peculiarities.

Statistics March 2015: 3.164.99 queries for the homepage network

Statistics May 2016: 4,086.299 queries for the homepage network

Statistics CNKI 1-9/2016: 12.444.011 queries alone in May 2016 for TRANS

Against this background, it is not surprising that a Google query with 295 million meeting TRANS is on second place – after Google itself. See the following screenshot:
Screenshot: Google query TRANS / 20160711