Short Biography

Arlt, Herbert: Wiss.Dir.Dr., 1958 born in Bregenz; actor/ dramatic adviser since the begin of the 1970s, author (1973: first lyrics book), artist (photos, slide presentations, water colours, oil paintings, film), (scientific) editor since 1978, researcher/ scientific coordinator of regional and transnational symposia/ conferences/ projects with up to 10.000 participants form more then 100 countries since 1983

Questions and/ or topics of scientific work:
Interaction of speaking, thinking / methodologies, languages / language machine translation, identities of non-identities / simultaneity and none simultaneity of the possible importance of languages, literatures, arts, cultures, knowledge production, digitization in social processes / meanings and structures of memories / phenomena of violence (not only terror, war, dictatorship, but also as elements of bureaucracy, pornography etc.) and ways of realization of (transnational) peace processes / description of artistic, scientific, social processes beyond binaries, categories and Excel spreadsheets / engineering technologies in social processes/ Austrian literature as multilingual literature (18th to 21st century)/ Quantum technology

Development of thinking by speaking / broad public cooperation, synergies to achieve relevant knowledge / use of new technologies for new interactions, collaborations, knowledge processes / synergies through regional and transnational cooperation (e.g. Centrope) as a means for approaches to truths in opposition fields / the unifying aspects of cultures as common human practice / Polylogue as a basic principle constructive social action/ Innovation despite traditional lobbies and destructive social conditions / the unity of the opposition (e.g. on the basis of the mountains)/ „black mirror“ as an element in the context of violence policy / replacement of Digitality (0 and 1, black and white), batch commands etc.)/ Quantum processors in the context of innovative processes

Development of projects on the basis of its own findings and ideas in the conversation or in collaboration with thousands from around 120 countries / implementation of projects on behalf of or with funding of research institutions, UNESCO, EU, of the European Parliament, States/ countries, cities, communities, and others/ Patent on Quantum technology on the way

Roles/ Organisations:
Managing Director of the Jura Soyfer Society  since 1989 and its President since 2011, Scientific Director of the INST since 1994 as well as President of the Polylogue Centre since 2014; own homepage:  – presentation of the functioning, the methodologies of collections and annotation to publications etc. within the framework of this homepage since 2015 (this is possible for the first time as a synopsis)

Education, studies, translations, organizations and public:
Elementary school and Gymnasium in Bregenz; artistic work / studies (poetry, prose, theater, watercolour, translations from English and French); Study trips to Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Hungary, Germany, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1980s); first publication (poems) 1973; first publication of a magazine (title: Germanistik) 1978; Studies at the universities of Salzburg (German language and literature, history, philosophy, Jus, Italian, Russian and others) and Leipzig (there: researching the anti-fascist Austrian literature in the Academy of Arts); Doctorate at the University of Salzburg 1988 (Dr. Phil.); Organisation of a first scientific conference in 1983 in Vienna; Teaching at universities in Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck; Lectures, presentations, exhibitions since the 1990s at universities, academies, research institutes etc. in over 120 countries; 1998-2001 member of the Austrian UNESCO Commission (dissolved in their original form: 2001). (Co) Organizer of events, presentations, symposia and conferences in over 100 countries; including 2007 the Conference Knowledge, Creativity and Transformation of Societies with more than 7,000 participants from over 120 countries. Bruno Kreisky recognition award (2005), Awards from the City of Vienna for symposia and conferences (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2014,2015, 2016) as well as other awards and prizes.

Author / exhibitions/ bibliographies:
First publication: 1973 (poetry). Since the 1980s some 50 independent publications (books, brochures) and approximately 300 scientific contributions to Jura Soyfer, Austrian literature and cultural issues as well as social developments, information technologies/ language machines and the Globalization. Several papers have been translated (until 2018 total in two dozen languages). Bibliography (selected publications): Printed Publications Internet Publications

„Jura Soyfer“ (1989), „Jura Soyfer and theatre“ (1992), „Cable cars – the art of engineers“ (2002), „Jura Soyfer“ (virtual exhibition 2003), „INST“ (2004), „Virtuality and new knowledge structures“ (December 2005), „Research and conceptual Metaphors“(2007, 2010), „Jura Soyfer“(adaptation: 2009 / up to 2016, about three dozen variations / see: Polyphony of languages. 100 years of Jura Soyfer).

Editor/ Coordinator:
Since 1996 Coordinator of the INST homepage in the six UN languages and German, and since 1998 of the homepage of the Jura Soyfer Society. 1992-2007 editor of the printed magazine Jura Soyfer and since 1997 of the Internet Journal for cultural studies, TRANS, and since 2000 of the magazine Jura Soyfer online. Since 1995 editor of the INST book series in Röhrig University Publishing Austrian and international literature processes (until 2018: 20 volumes) and East, Central and Southeast European literature, theatre and Linguistics (7 volumes), and for INST-Verlag of the Book series TRANS studies (2004-2018 13 volumes with some DVD inserts with thousands of contributions) as well as the File Books since 2012 (until August 2016: 16 volumes). Bibliographies: Homepages File-Books Book series

Projects/ Project coordination:
Implementation and management of research projects among others for the Jura Soyfer Society (1989), the Fund for FWF (1993 to 1995), the INST, for the European Parliament, (results presented in the Committee on culture in the years 2001), UNESCO (2 topics for EOLSS / completion 2003), the European Union (presentation held at the Viennese lectures on the 4.10.2006) as well as a number of municipalities and States. 2007 to 2010 organization of world conferences with up to 7,000 participants from around 120 countries; 2011 to 2013, the activity was largely devoted to Jura Soyfer (born on December 8, 1912 in Kharkov |) Kharkiv in Tsarist Russia, now Ukraine), as well as current social developments, 2014 the project „Tourism and regional cultures“ (Tenerife). Current focus: four-volume printed edition Jura Soyfer 2012 / virtual Soyfer archive, as well as the Polylogue project (development of the first elements as part of the Polylogue Centre since 2015: World project of the mountains [project lead since 1998], [first Polylogue forum: World Conference in 1999 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris]).


  • Virtualität und neue Wissensstrukturen (2006) (Recording, editing, sound: Reza Tavakoli)
  • Trailer: INST-Weltfernsehen (script) (2008) Der Weg in den Tod (Zum 70. Todestag von
  • Jura Soyfer im Konzentrationslager Buchenwald/ Death date: 16.2.1939) (Concept, script, coordination) (2009)
  • Otto Tausig spielt Broadway-Melodie 1492 (Concept, coordination) (2009) (Recording, editing, sound: Branko Andric)
  • Portraits of Scientist

Artistic works:
Poetry, prose, theater, exhibitions, presentations, film