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To think about homepages is also to think about public and the difference of a world with books, newspaper, radio, TV etc. and a world with Internet. My first steps into public were with print and radio. I published my first book in 1973 (a poetry volume). The poems were read by Traude Foresti in Radio.
I wrote quite a bit since then that appeared in print in so far two dozen languages. But I’m largely off – and went over to the Internet by the pressure. Reasons for this were the poor circulation, the high cost of printing (applications, billing, depending on workflow, high cost of sales, a lot of work for the distribution). Top figures were „Jura Soyfer and theatre“  and journal „Jura Soyfer“ – 6,000 pieces each.
Up to 4 million queries per month are now – May 2016 – possible. I myself can enter the text. Internet costs are covered in the year with around 300 euros. And the remuneration of labour presents itself in two cases as precarious.
The first homepage I publish since 1996 – the INST homepage in the 6 UN languages plus German. The publication of a home page was at that time still a pioneering achievement. That shows the documentation to the Internet Journal TRANS, which appeared as a book in the context of INST. The homepage of the Jura Soyfer society followed in 1998. There you can find also a short history of the publication of this page from 1998 to 2016 in German. The homepage of the Polylogue Centre started in the year 2014. There also a lot of the history of this project is published. Since 2015 my own homepage appears.
These home pages are associated with projects with over 10,000 participants from over 100 countries. The projects include over 50 languages. The addresses of these sites:

INST, Vienna

Jura Soyfer Society, Vienna

Polylogue Centre, Vienna

Herbert Arlt

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